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0.964 That was a wonderful little read :D I love how she engages with fans and seems to have a really genuine affection for the wizzarding community :)
0.959 MY AWESOME GIFT FROM MY AWESOME SANTA [MagicMistoffelees]!!! https://imgur.com/gallery/LODaD The gift I'll send arrived today so I'll post it tomorrow.
0.957 I would invite my best friend on an epic adventure to Ireland or some place with cliffs, I would then throw it off the cliff, and go to a pub and get a drink with my best friend.
0.932 I really like them, and I've decided that if I'm going to have a collection of wands I would find it more meaningful to have a set made with love by another fan like me. He also does custom wands!
0.928 Two thoughts: * Pets named after HP characters are awesome. * Pets named Luna always seem to be so cute! Double win!
0.916 I've got faith in JK to write great stories and characters regardless, and they will likely be SFX-fests, which are always fun.
0.912 everybody thinks I'm the perfect sweet girl who always works hard and loves and helps everybody...
0.912 So 12 outstanding OWLs yes but not 12 outstanding NEWTs on top of that.
0.908 There are a few gimmicks, but Fantastic Beasts feels firmly like a movie unlike the HP films which felt like film translations of the books.
0.905 I like his character for the story, but I feel like if he were a real person I wouldn't like him; he has a tendency to be too juvenile and cares little for the thoughts of others.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.936 The first chapter of Half-Blood Prince is the British Prime Minister and Minister of Magic freaking out about Death Eaters making a bridge collapse and killing a bunch of Muggles.
-0.916 I always thought this, but in reality I believe Draco was chosen to kill Dumbledore as a punishment for the Malfoy family .
-0.915 My parents have both been alcoholics my whole life and I know how horribly devastating that can be to a family, and especially how confusing and frustrating it is to go through as a child.
-0.910 There was the attack on the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire, and the Death Eaters literally attack Hogwarts once in Half-Blood Prince and once in Deathly Hallows.
-0.895 He's great at bringing tension but he seems really distraught when he finds out about Sirius's death
-0.888 The scene where Newt is being arrested and he starts screaming that his creatures aren't dangerous is beautiful, I almost cried because you could feel his sadness
-0.880 I think due to the children/YA nature of the books it is really missed that the elitism and prejudice of the time was considered to be more of a political opinion than anything evil.
-0.876 tl;dr Bad people can have good impacts on society - but in HP any interest in violence, or the dark arts is seen as evil.
-0.856 We know that Harry crew up as an abused and neglected child, however we rarely see it in the book expect when Harry doesn't feel comfortable to ask questions or communicate with adults.
-0.856 When the dementors are about to kill Sirius, I hate dementors...
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