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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.919 Yes please, much better than fiesta :)
0.914 Would prefer no abilities but it is still pretty fun to play.
0.908 Hand to hand combat wise one IV would put up a pretty good fight against a II but I think the II would most likely win.
0.902 That gave me a good laugh, thank you for sharing!
0.881 It doesn't from beyond rank 15 or so, it takes 4 or 5 wins against whatever skill levels, it's a lot easier than the old systems as you face rank 1's, it's just a grind of getting the wins
0.875 Well ideally you would be strafing forwards and not standing still, any closer the AR would win for sure.
0.872 I love Halo 3 :) I do wish H3 was hitscan though.
0.869 Ahh, the last CoD game I enjoyed a lot, that Head to Head playlist was pretty fun.
0.861 I never liked that, the bounty always favoured the 2nd or 3rd best player in the lobby to win
0.860 I agree, but nothing wrong with them releasing something that makes them money and is fun

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.878 There is no way to sustain enough damage to take them down when you have 2-4 bosses to kill before you get to them.
-0.872 Bearing in mind I've matched people who struggle to get a kill in social on my max rank account, that must be some serious loose mmr!
-0.832 Shame the spawns are broke :(
-0.832 let's see your dead body and the massive fail for a few seconds after instead of just the gif restarting and watching you running for another 10 seconds.
-0.823 Noble Team dying to get Cortana on the ship extended out the war, and stalled the firing of the Halos. I never mentioned anything about her turning bad.
-0.813 needed to pre-nade first, get them weak, then the 'larger' circle from your ground pound would've killed more of them.
-0.796 That's the one! It's always frustrating, every release, to see these morons spouting the same crap.
-0.796 Too bad everything turned to shit after that.
-0.796 Your teammate tried to steal your first assassination.
-0.790 I'm fucking tired of this bullshit.
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