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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.972 :D This must be what it felt like to be around as the Chappelle Show kept airing great new stuff. All I have to say is Wow Ethan, great moves, keep it up, proud of you!
0.968 Well said :) It's nice to see that you really are that awesome person I have always thought you were. Keep up the amazing work :) Papa bless
0.967 PC Culture is so awesome to make fun of, and super easy! Ethan does a great job at it.
0.957 Obviously not on the level of Leafy, but like on Ethan and Hila channel, they make fun of a guy obsessed with Pacman, or a girl who loves Ninja turtles, or a girl who loves rollercoasters.
0.952 huh, I hadn't heard of that before I drew this but now I feel like giving hila a trunk haha, and yeah thanks I see what you mean will try it out tomorrow as I have work soon.
0.951 The fact that you're able to make funny, entertaining content while still spreading a positive message shows how talented you are as an entertainer and comedian.
0.947 I don't how you guys you managed, but it definitely was some luck and A LOT of seriously great comedy.
0.947 This is super awesome both on the side of Ethan setting it all up and leveraging his audience for good AND the viewers for using our money go help someone Papa bless indeed
0.942 Man, I can't even sleep with my legs closed I'm such a man spreader :( but my cats and dogs love the perfect space for them to sleep :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.978 "Joey that bitch was fake" "Fucking suck my dick you racist fuckers" This video was ass blast central.
-0.953 I don't want him to successfuly destroy the EPA, FDA, SEC, and start torturing, and purposfully killing the families of terrorists
-0.949 Death to this subreddit death to BoyAmIMoist death to capitalism death to H3H3.
-0.944 He can't fucking accept responsibility for being a piece of shit so he cries out "but everyone else who is saying I'm a piece of shit is a piece of shit themselves!
-0.941 She's not going to have a crisis of conscious and internal struggle over it. Hell, half of these SJWs are dead beat scammers, and pretty much just mooching off activism.
-0.939 Yeah, this woman is insane, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a massive issue with the sexual abuse and rape of ethnic women.
-0.938 youtube guy leafy. Poor guy just uploads videos of his hobby, and some absolute talentless cunt bullies him and sends an army of organic waste to ruin his day.
-0.932 Morons will be morons and they are going to do stupid shit and hurt someones feelings one way or another with or without leafboy and pyroman.
-0.930 No lines can hide the crippling depression that lies inside one fucked up dentist
-0.929 I'm not normally for participating in angry mobs, but fuck it, I hope this guy gets harassed and closes his shitty channel.
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