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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.933 They're a little heavy for carry because of the steel frame, but they're built like tanks and they fit in my hand like nothing else.
0.887 I admire his passion, but I kinda wished he just saved his money to get something nice.
0.872 I'm pretty sure wanting to slap him indicates a successful shitpost.
0.856 Much love for the VP9, zero love for diarrhea "FDE"
0.855 These guns are beautiful and I would love to own one someday!
0.854 I love this gun; it's very comfortable to great to shoot.
0.827 I know that range!" Great fun down there, when it's not crowded.
0.818 You can definitely make a profit and get a much better rifle.
0.818 I get unlimited free range time, free gun rentals, discounts on anything at the range store, half off any classes offered, and free entry into any competitions held there.
0.813 Honestly, if you know you like 1911s, sell it and get a better one.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.937 > you're probably dumb Ahh, the things we say when we're in no danger of an ass kicking... That's just plain rude.
-0.890 Based on the recoil and how chunky the components are, it doesn't look like it would break the gun, but it wouldn't surprise me if heavier loads fucked it up.
-0.852 Actually you do get to shoot on sight no need to wait until they try to kill you Which they will.
-0.840 Nah dude if they are poachers you can kill them also they are very dangerous it would be in self defense regardless
-0.836 Or you dumb as hell.
-0.836 Tandem ass cancer, got it
-0.824 "You double tapped it." "Huh?!?" "You fired two" "YOU'RE KIDDING!!!!!" No asshole, the cameraman is serious.
-0.817 They are having terrible effects on the eco system around them and the overpopulation needs to be stopped before more damage is done.
-0.807 Cheap as fuck, and I have one and it's my favourite gun to shoot.
-0.802 Oh shit, i was going to say shots fired but...
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