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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.944 You're so sexy but I like your smile the best.
0.937 Would you take the gorgeous Russian chick who you know what she looks like and aside from a very roast beef vagina is pretty much perfect, or do you take a chance with something you don't know.
0.915 I get that she's in yoga pants but, and mind you that this is just my own opinion, I feel like this belongs more in a smile appreciation reddit.
0.915 Shes so damn beautiful i just want to hug and kiss her <3 bet she smell like watermelons : 3
0.910 Positive reinforcement is best. EDIT: One of your precious requests is sated in a comment above.
0.906 That'd be better for her than it would be for you, trust me lmao You sound like a serious asshole
0.900 This girl without the ass is a 5 at best but that ass makes her a queen lol
0.896 I can remember like 12 years as a youngling being happy that a friend of mine "hacked" an account giving me access to that site.
0.894 You're going to do amazing things, and I really hope you enjoy being a dietitian!
0.893 lovey I hope can meet a girl as beautiful as you god bless you always

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.932 Nothing of what you say is inherently incorrect, but your tone implies such a negative and crude attitude to life that most of us don't appreciate it.
-0.929 Fake ass, fake tits, fake lips.
-0.902 Seriously. The same clowns that are downvoting and responding to me are the future r/relationship posters crying about how their girlfriends cheated and they had no idea she was unhappy.
-0.900 You mean she's dead, or she's let herself go to shit, or some sort of injury or...?
-0.883 Yes she's hot as fuck but she's fake as fuck.
-0.875 Those are the same breasts she has now, and all the jealous titless bitches on reddit claim she has fake boobs.
-0.869 Cause you're a faggot, faggot.
-0.866 Ever since she got fake tits, now I have to suspect the ass too.
-0.856 Double standards much? Granted I've experienced some nice fake tits but for me by default they are worse just because they are fake.
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