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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.992 I want to dribble his face with kisses BANG BANG BANG POW BANG HARD KISSES FULL OF LOVE Hold his head and go MUAH MUAH MUAH MUAH KISSES KISSES KISSES
0.968 No clue but my adorably happy boxer/pit moves this quickly when she's super happy.
0.963 Yes, they do believe in the love thy neighbor thing, but they kinda use it as "we love you all and thats why we are trying to convert you and save you agressively because we care about you".
0.937 Best of luck and props to you for putting in the effort and creating such a neat tool :)
0.936 They got pretty good beer and pizza, plus lots of stuff for adults to enjoy. I always have fun there, and have been to a couple of adult Bday parties there.
0.925 Well, with great intelligence comes great responsibili...
0.922 I expected that toss, but it still made me laugh XD
0.917 He obviously couldn't do anything at the last second, but luckily she wasn't hurt too bad.
0.914 Haha that's a pretty cool story, I'd love to see that.
0.912 My house was on the news pretty often for our decorations and I loved playing with everything. I guess growing up with it always there year after year is different though :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.965 Let alone crime, famine, terrorism, extremism and civil war, you've got aids, malaria, vicious animals and hundreds of poisonous snake species.
-0.949 If everyone abuses animals it's like no one abuses animals, don't try and burst the bubble, you sad pathetic fool.
-0.935 "Oh shit oh shit oh shit wrong place sorry oh god."
-0.917 I don't have too much of a problem with Lewis, I mainly just hate how much of an arrogant dick nico is.
-0.912 there is absolutely no way in hell the Mercedes driver would be only 50% to blame in the event of an accident.
-0.906 Murders don't usually happen like that. Then that applies to both of the murders, no?
-0.901 I don't care if you burn my body after I die, I'm not even around *to* care. > Whipping out a knife and stabbing a guy once He repeatedly stabbed the player, not "once".
-0.900 I think it was an abusive relationship with retail, retail customers or usually a sick, perverted three-way .
-0.898 It's ironic that you're offended by something you think promotes violence and your response is to threaten with violence.
-0.896 Fuck I hate this prank shit and these fucking tools that do it.
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