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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.898 Nice to notice how it is much harder to search for a gif when you do not know it's originating content Good luck with your research, hope you will post the results here too!
0.789 It's nice seeing something so peacefu beautiful and humbling.
0.735 Well yeah, it's better than Christmas really...
0.709 The pole would ideally be the width of the mower blade to be more efficient.
0.693 The third one makes me ROFL!
0.660 Yeah OP should take care of it instead whoring around for karma.
0.649 Big guy isn't actually doing one, but because he isn't resting his elbow on his hip, he is still using a lot of strength to keep the puller up.
0.635 Duck and cover! happy cakeday you fabulous bastard !
0.625 Hold a dumbell in your hand and, keeping your elbow straight, raise it in front of you so your arm is parallel to the deck.
0.599 It's an exercise that Arnold loved.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.826 "Mom stop driving and playing with your phone - how about you put me into a child seat and put a bloody seat belt on me so I don't die when you inevitable crash the car you inconsiderate cunt"
-0.681 Who the hell gets in the pool wearing socks?
-0.625 I was making my standard phaser and photon torpedo noises when he started chasing the cat, it was a vicious battle.
-0.583 You hear so many bad news from the north african region.
-0.572 If this wasnt when he was abusing drugs, then he comes off as a weird dude
-0.572 Many republicans hate him just as much.
-0.557 He's having one hell of a dream.
-0.557 Imagine their tombstone: First Name Last Name Birthdate-Deathdate Died by Illusions
-0.557 [The shit mystery.]
-0.557 shit everywhere.
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