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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.919 People only change when they care. YOU have to care. You will be happier if you care.
0.914 I'm getting a lot better now, but it still happens. If you want advice on how to improve your state of mind, I would recommend sites like getselfhelp.
0.905 Obviously motivation is a HUGE part of it like you said but the biological component of motivation can be highly significant as well, even though it's mostly invisible.
0.904 Thank you for the kind wordsreally glad you enjoyed it.
0.893 It did thanks, hope you had/are having a good day :)
0.891 As a result, I am better able to make rational choices, be less impulsive, and to be fully present for the task at hand. I hope this helps.
0.883 [**Finished!**] Hope you've had/are having a great day :)
0.881 Definitely not going to tell you it'll be easy, but I can definitely tell you getting better is possible.
0.875 Hope you have a great day :)
0.875 Hope you're all having a great day :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.892 Could getting and keeping a job but still having depression and anxiety be not perfect but better and something you'd be interested in?
-0.888 If you have a bad momentum or you have heavy stuff in the attic, its more likely you have a bad bad trip.
-0.863 But failing miserably :'(
-0.820 This may not be the case for you, but I'd rather be stressed and working than depressed that I'm doing nothing.
-0.807 > When I was 15, I got depressed, and depression basically ruined my life. Would you mind sharing what happened here?
-0.788 I still drink, but less often, and when I'm prepared to lose a few days to bad choices.
-0.782 Trying means you might find that out. Basically your life is bad and can't really get much worse.
-0.765 I come from a family where there was emotional abuse and neglect.
-0.765 You have no luxury to be in depression or anxiety.
-0.764 My decision is taken mainly because I didn't like what I was studying, and secondly because I am failing at it. I am not entirely sure about the business school.
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