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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.943 I know Reddit might be the wrong place to say this, but I loved her in Love and Friendship.
0.934 yes yes good goyim Scarlett really is a natural beauty
0.927 I love love love Melissa Rauch.
0.924 I ment I do consider her attractive, but not in a Scarlett Johansson way but more like as that cute kid I knew as a young teenager that grew up, like Hit Girl.
0.922 it's like being born with a sexy super power or a sexy deformity...
0.906 When Mac from its always sunny got fat he said it was because he noticed actors/actresses get more attractive when they gain fame and money.
0.906 Splendid Beauty & happy reddit birthday /u/booor
0.899 She's incredibly beautiful when she goes for a more natural, happy look.
0.899 I wouldn't go so far as to say "alien" but yeah, definitely skinnier than ideal.
0.897 I'm in my 40's and I get a similar "wow you look younger" response but it's mostly because I've taken care of myself diet and exercise wise.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.938 At a glance I count; fake nose, fake chin, fake boobs, fake eyelids and probably fake jawline. Typical Chinese celeb in other words...
-0.892 I know we try and be civil on Reddit, sometimes, but I hate you right now :( I hope you enjoy your negative karma :(
-0.891 She also ruined her role and pissed off the writers on Angel because she failed to tell anyone she was pregnant until she was already showing, and in the middle of shooting Angel season 4.
-0.877 I really like her but Margery Tyrell was annoying as hell for me.
-0.872 I have a feeling that another 17k tweets, and he'll still be doing the same fucked up crazy shit
-0.856 I saw some behind the scenes Avengers stuff a while back, now every time I see her, I always just see her doing dumb scarlet witch shit with her hands/fingers.
-0.840 She fucked them titties right up with shit plastic surgery
-0.836 I mean if you want to kill someone, just pop a cap in their ass.
-0.836 No idea why the circle jerks feel the need to downvote me telling theyre_not_their that the gif cracked me the hell up, so much that I aspirated a little bit.
-0.832 No, nobody should check out your fake ass subreddits matt hoggendaz.
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