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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.872 it's a mathematical puzzle solved for the sheer joy of pattern manipulation and intellectual satisfaction.
0.870 I would prefer to not die, but failing that, I would prefer to die and later be revived.
0.823 Determining synapse strength might require higher resolution, but the theoretical SEM resolution limit is 0.04 nm, easily enough to resolve features of individual proteins.
0.818 I've actually never heard of the brushes solution /u/turncoat_ewok provided, pretty neat.
0.807 The soundtrack was also pretty awesome for the time.
0.790 I love her smile!
0.765 I live in BC and I'm pretty sure it was 18A here as well.
0.758 Once you got the controls down Trickstyle was pretty fun.
0.751 Was this the same game system where you could play along with the live action TV show? Sidenote: It may have worked better on tube TVs, its possible it was dependent on a certain flicker rate.
0.727 oh thats cool!Gundam is on my watch list for so long XD

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.765 Heatseeker 4.8 , Circuitry Man 4.6 , The 6th Day 5.9 , Lawnmower Man 5.4 & Johnny Mnemonic 5.6 which has been accused of temporarily killing off the genre.
-0.681 As expensive as it is, he'd probably get beaten if he broke it
-0.681 Nope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIFM3gvMzdk It also worked with the Captain Power TV show, the enemies would have these flickering spots on them that you could shoot at.
-0.670 A force user who had just killed his own father.
-0.649 Dick stuck in coop.
-0.626 Haven't found any good sources on that aspect of the problem.
-0.625 Worst case, you keep the tools on a roller seat near the vehicle. Also an inexpensive creeper only costs around $30 - even professional grade ones are less than $300.
-0.612 Beats dying and *not* coming back; you have a better way to cheat death, I'm all ears. Minds are algorithms, not hardware; you can run an algorithm on any compatible hardware.
-0.612 I think you have either been misinformed, or possibly misunderstood something.
-0.612 Can't speak for anyone else; from my perspective people who think this is a problem are just confused.
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