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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.963 I was out of the country at the time they were given out but was able to grow a few last year :D theyre good fun and get a lot of people gardening who normally don't have a lot of interest in it.
0.928 So incredibly lush and peaceful- I can't think of any better way to begin the final chapters of my life than to be surrounded by such peace and beauty as this.
0.925 they do like the really little black sunflower seeds sometimes tho give to finches in finch feeder they love them give mix to doves in platform feeder Lovely photo thanks
0.925 The good thing is that birds like goldfinches LOVE sunflowers, so it'll attract more birds than maybe the feeder will!
0.923 I would love to live somewhere in Canada, there you can find a lot of cheap and beautiful cabins/houses to live, and if you put some work in it, you could build your own paradise.
0.918 After a few minutes of conversation, they offered to help, but I took one look at their nice clean bright white shirts and declined.
0.918 Ah, the elusive asphalt strawberry. Not the most delicious cultivar, mind you, but it sure is...uh, nice and ...um good to drive on.
0.918 Wow, that place looks amazing and the picture is great!
0.916 There are many like it but this one is mine. My knife is my best friend.
0.912 RIP brave permaculturalist. I have enjoyed his work and it is sad he is not longer with us and has reposed to that great garden in the sky. God bless his soul.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.921 I had many many sprouts but whenever I transplanted them into dirt, they all dried out and died. I don't know what I was doing wrong.
-0.917 That died too, I have no idea how the fuck I managed to kill bamboo, but there are no more plants in the house now. Where as my mom is the dirt whisperer.
-0.912 Smug ass gloating corpses...oh look at me I'm dead I'm dead!
-0.901 I was depressed once, but then I decided to be not depressed, and I was not depressed.
-0.896 I bunched up my tomatoes this summer and they developed a nasty mold problem that nearly killed my tomato plants off.
-0.895 I know it sounds racist but I really dont like them - the squirrels in my neighborhood are really a pain!
-0.881 stupid stupid stupid law
-0.875 I was tired as fuck, carrying a bunch of heavy shit around.
-0.866 All those things your grandparents fought and died for spit on by people who somehow believe using the land you own to feed your family is an assault on the norm.
-0.859 used to just automatically kill any caterpillar I could find - not so much now, if the plant can take losing a few leaves, I just leave it alone
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