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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.970 It's honestly a great game and has held up pretty well, make sure to buy it on sale for like $5 it's a solid 30 hours of good entertainment and kicking chickens.
0.955 I got rid of all the controllers, but I wish I'd kept them. I enjoy the extra space, and I also get to play various games through emulation, so I was happy
0.951 Still one of the best coop games ive ever played, great fun with a good mate.
0.941 but other than super super long shots, I always managed to hit everything first try. I guess that's what happens when you play the same game every day for a long time.
0.938 He's just a true fan of Games where a noble gentleman goes great lengths to rescue m'lady.
0.935 You spend it how you like and if you do preorder I sincerely hope you find it worth it and I hope we end up with a good game.
0.935 I think it's much better than what Skyrim has to offer, even though I do enjoy Skyrim. On the topic of best games since 2010, did Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Dark Souls 1 come up?
0.930 My best friend had it, and I would go to his house and we would play the shit out of it.
0.926 Also right now, since the game is still pretty new, it would be better to play with friends, but as people get better the solo experience will improve.
0.922 Honestly, the best game I've ever played and thoroughly enjoyed.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.959 Or maybe we should feel bad for poor Sean Murray, that poor poor broke bastard.
-0.949 If you kill too much and reach negative karma, anyone can attack you anywhere with no penalty to themselves.
-0.942 killing motherfuckers and making money, mafia 3 is fucking lame, fuck that shit.
-0.938 That's my opinion as well, 'cept I was forced to vote the lesser of 2 evils and didn't vote the greater evil out of spite.
-0.919 Love the game, love the community, but holy hell is Trion trying to kill this game so hard.
-0.919 I would try to make date plans for us and the like but he usually wasn't into it. My problem was he hated losing to a girl.
-0.917 Also, no threat of death was stupid.
-0.915 Problem is that it's a flimsy concept with a lot of bad blood and political shit surrounding it, and one a lot of people have stakes in. I don't even really remember why we're arguing.
-0.914 Are you going to use it to attack the weak point of giant enemy crabs for massive damage?
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