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0.928 in one side, this is great, awesome really you can't complaint about a single thing; an update that adds a whole new game mode, for free?
0.854 I agree that gameplay trailers are far more useful, but I imagine this kind generates more sales.
0.840 Of course, power is not everything, and Nintendo absolutely embodies that edict, but obviously there are certain things you can only accomplish when technology moves forward to a certain point.
0.823 And the NES, SNES and Wii certainly were successful despite being weaker than the competition.
0.818 Honestly this game is surprisingly fun.
0.817 I still play my 3DS but good God are the graphics garbage!
0.802 Its weird to get used to, but once you do, they start to feel pretty natural.
0.796 Switch is maxwell, so don't expect much of anything, vulkan is much better on AMD cards with something like 30-40% FPS boost.
0.791 If they're willing to play games at a party surely they own one of those?
0.791 It sounds like people in this thread want Nintendo to source processors from the future, and source games from third parties like Sony and Microsoft.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.911 Wanted to like it but Sony had to fuck it over by being bastards with their stupid memory stick prices, then dropping all support for it.
-0.856 You'll just go mad trying to fight that shit head on.
-0.823 Just tired of the constant bitching and victim playing by the angry right nowadays. I mean, just look at you.
-0.784 Fuck anybody who is too stupid to see this for what it is.
-0.783 Yeah...that did fucking happen...they aren't perfect? Edit: They are perfect?
-0.735 Dawn of War 3 and this both look a bit boring in actual gameplay.
-0.705 It wasn't pay to win, it wasn't grind to win.
-0.700 I had no idea how much I missed Monday night combat, and this has a lot more depth than that did.
-0.700 But just throwing shit around like a monkey, calling people retards, pussies and SJW:s will drown out anything of substance you may have to say.
-0.681 I saw the ad and thought who the hell are these people?
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