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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.935 Even if Robert understood little of the intricasies of ruling, he had the wisdom to trust people who did like Jon Arryn. Rhaegar was increadibly smart and talented.
0.920 Jon follows a pretty strong ideal of honor.
0.905 The episode is a perfect example of the importance of the journey, it was fairly predictable but God just so beautifully done.
0.892 I absolutely love Davos's proud smile after he reads the line "...could swallow a horse whole!"
0.891 Amazing writing. Sandor/Beric/Thoros, although comedic, still great.
0.888 Maybe playing the piano would have been fun to learn if it started with that animation, like guitar hero, but piano hero.
0.888 The theory goes on to say that Illyrio married Varys's sister and they were all close friends, so Illyrio is supporting the Blackfyre plot out of love for his late wife and Varys.
0.879 "Politically intelligent" LOL Oh wait, you were serious? Lmao.
0.869 > based on true love > so like Cersei and Jaime?
0.869 Hmm yeah good point :/ Projects like this usually have a map, I'll go check it out and see what's what :) I'm genuinely curious now!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.948 True, but they straight killed a shit ton of Starks for betraying an alliance.
-0.945 Sansa suffered so bad, people in real life started protesting it was too much. Remember the reaction after the Bolton rape?
-0.938 I completed my month contract and maybe a week or two more but it was a losing war so I switched sides to bravos and helped destroy norvos.
-0.937 I mean she hired an ancient league of assassins to just kill one old bitch and now she's probably thinking "god damn what kind of shitty service did i pay for"
-0.930 >mostly her threats were to kick her out Except when he directly threatened to kill her if she failed again.
-0.926 After the Battle of the Bastards, when Sansa sees Jon beating the life out of Ramsay, it's solidified to her that Jon would fight, die, and do anything to protect her and their family.
-0.926 Arya's done some horrible things now, but she still only fucks people over that she knows fucked with her/her family.
-0.926 Ramsay: "Let's just scare Rickon, no need to ki..." *Rickon takes an arrow to the ~~knee~~ chest* Ramsay: "who the hell did that" Olly: "Get Rekt" Ramsay: "Fucking cunt"
-0.898 I'd be pissed if after all this trouble Jon just up and died.
-0.893 Yeah I felt kinda mad that so many people hated him, even after the suicide.
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