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0.960 They're mostly very Unity Specific, but I'd love to use something like this for quick demonstrations, proof-of-concepts, and case studies. Good luck on Greenlight!
0.952 I love this game btw, this is easily the best looking and amazing game I have played.
0.950 dude, i really love you :D thanks for the awesome music
0.942 Writing game engines using third-party libraries just stills gives you the freedom to pick and choose depending on what type of game you're going for :) It's great fun!
0.941 It seems to be a good resource but modern OpenGL is pretty advanced so hand-to-hand guidance of Learnopengl was my preference. Once more - learnopengl is awesome.
0.941 Don't be scared and trust your own ability and intelligence to solve challenges as they come, and have fun !
0.941 Games like Stardew Valley didn't get huge because the dev spent a lot of time marketing, it got huge because it's amazing and people love telling their friends about great games.
0.940 I love posts like this, I get a bit more motivated. Great work!
0.937 best of luck - definitely do renovation photos like you did for the first one, those were so cool
0.936 To make the series even better I'd love to see more tutorials that make a nice ramp between beginner and advance for people like myself looking to grow and get better.

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-0.908 Hi there, I know this isn't what you're requesting but I wanted to give you some feedback on your game. First of all, I'm sorry that you've been targeted by this duckweed who is stealing your shit.
-0.902 You could refer people to /r/marketing but that sub is kind of dead and honestly, removing all those posts would leave this place just as dead.
-0.896 Shitty that some tard from the net is stealing your thunder.
-0.891 Personally I'd file a lawsuit, subpoena 9gag records and then scare the living shit out of some basement dweller with some scary sounding letters.
-0.884 If you just read books then you'll not ever feel ready, or even worse, will do it at the wrong time and frustrate yourself. Edit: our->your
-0.866 The response I received to my criticism was extremely negative and full of misunderstanding.
-0.849 Angry Birds doesn't work well as an endless game. I do believe one problem endless games encounter on mobile is that of not having a steep enough difficulty curve.
-0.846 TL;DR lazy asshole can't google for my own text tutorials, but willing to complain about video tutorials because of my poor attention span.
-0.818 I can understand why it happens, sometimes things go wrong and when people pour their heart, soul and all their money into their own business and then the money runs out it can be horrific.
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