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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.943 Thank my best friend likes hanging out with me, doesn't drink my beer, and enjoys watching Netflix.
0.931 At most I have to remove some extensions using remote view sometimes, but at best it's a great excuse to go visit them.
0.927 Compare the best looking 2016 game to the best looking 2006 game and then compare to the best looking 1996 game.
0.915 If Y is better for you great, X may be better for others. Which is why I didn't bash Apple, or advocate for something different and claim it was better.
0.913 I drink and smoke weed everyday and still have SUPER vivid dreams, even during naps, whereas my good friend has never once had a dream in his life that he can recall.
0.910 I'm not sure how echo works with TV, but I know a chromecast is a super awesome and cheap way to stream just about anything, using your phone as a controller.
0.900 I make all my own stuff too, but I find after entering the basic ingredients it remembers them so it's super easy in the future.
0.893 People are free to choose any company they want and the fact this even happened, willingly or not, to Lenovo is a perfectly good reason to not buy Lenovo's anymore.
0.886 > not necessarily a bad thing because the pound is now cheaper Pretty bad thing if you're paid in pounds, like British people are.
0.886 They treat them respectfully and in my class are perfectly fine having computers.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.921 another utterly shitty shit product and the video makes me want to kill myself.
-0.900 The last thing i need is my SO calling/texting me wondering if i'm cheating on them while i'm losing my shit for no reason.
-0.848 :( Don't remind me how poor I am :'(
-0.840 Unfortunately our culture has been eroded to masturbate the lame "Steven Universe" millennials and their "dank meme pokemon go nintendo" bullshit.
-0.836 Either people figured out quick it was fake or no one gives a shit about cee lo.
-0.836 Wtf does an exploding phone have to do with terrorists?
-0.827 She has tried this a few times, but she gets frustrated when she accidentally taps the screen and closes the microphone, or her screen turns off.
-0.823 Crowdfunding is bad and IGG is the worst.
-0.818 Parkinson's sufferers 'face regular discrimination' -- [BBC Video] Worst part is facial masking when people think you're a real life grumpy cat.
-0.818 > The problem isn't that it's an unfair price compared to the dollar, it's that it's an unaffordable price compared to people's wages How's that a problem?
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