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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.904 I care for them pretty well and they look excellent after 6 months of use.
0.882 Highly recommended http://www.landsend.com/products/essential-down-comforter/id_259593?sku_0=::WHI Down comforter is pretty entry level all things considered but a great deal for the price.
0.872 I'm not OP, but what ranges would be the best value?
0.863 Good luck and happy hunting, boys.
0.852 different people have different opinions, but it legitimately looks like the perfect size for you.
0.852 Super lightweight so great for Summer.
0.834 The good news is that they are not bad shirt's, quality wise.
0.818 You should find out if your shirts have shipped, I'm sure they'd be happy to change the fit.
0.813 What is the appeal of this brand/company? Honest question because in 8 minutes the posts went from great deal to sale is gone.
0.807 Got the hook up on some Supima bath towels which have great reviews and a down comforter!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.691 the splash resistance of the terrorist watch, and a mineral display instead of plastic.
-0.691 Just bought one to upgrade from my F-91W terrorist watch.
-0.665 They must be a collaboration, but they'd be sick to have.
-0.625 no longer working :(
-0.625 What's the worst that happens?
-0.598 So I doubt prices will drop further that soon.
-0.586 No longer upset they were sold out when I got them in my cart.
-0.573 If you're dead set on a particular price then you don't want to drop it, paying 1% is cheaper than dropping it 10%.
-0.557 o shit whaddup
-0.557 Got my order and my shit fits?
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