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0.967 Don't get me wrong, I would have loved for ham to win it all, but those last laps were amazing and in the end whoever wins the championship deserves it.
0.941 As an Hamilton fan it would be great to have a winner takes all in Abu Dhabi, but undoubtedly it would be good for F1 to have a new F1 champion.
0.899 I don't have much to say about what should be done, but I just wanted to say thanks to all the mods that are keeping this sub running, I love you guys!
0.898 Thanks for the trivia mate :) I feel that the Rush movie didn't make it really clear that Lauda and Hunt were friends
0.879 Shocked is an understatement but kudos for going out as world champion.
0.878 Pascal has had some commendable runs this season, very surprising and exciting to see a team like that do so well
0.875 I'm happy for Bottas, now we can see what he can do with a championship winning car.
0.875 yep...both mercs should kick each other out everytime. Great race and the follow up shitshow will be pure gold! Sleep well, my friend!
0.872 I'm a big Lewis fan and Rosberg fucking deserved this championship as much as any champion before him.
0.872 It was amazing and I'm pretty sure I'll be going again in 2017 too!!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.977 People who post on reddit to herp-derp about the retarded shit on Facebook are just as retarded as the retards who post the very retarded shit that they themselves are mocking as retarded.
-0.880 Banning circuit racing was a knee jerk reaction to the Le Mans tragedy, not based on it being any more dangerous than timed competition.
-0.852 I know this is not exactly what OP is on about but I wanted to know if anyone has suffered the same frustrations.
-0.848 I stopped liking football , because the players would fake a fault, after that I've turned to f1 only to find out that if a pilot does or doesn't do something is hated and all that.
-0.844 Poor Max Day got worse for him :(
-0.844 I hate all these "hardcore" fans that go nuts on the Merc Facebook and Twitter and make us normal ham fans look even worse.
-0.838 It actually pisses other people off if you cleanly overtake them but leave them for dead.
-0.804 end 30ies...fuck this shit! gonna get drunk tonight!
-0.799 No offense but this is why people hate Hamilton fans in this sub.
-0.784 Procession races are boring as hell.
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