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0.920 Just giving you a hard time - it's wonderful to know that all the snowbirds can continue to enjoy some of the best pizza around.
0.919 Best Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/food/comments/4nwgwy/whole_pig_butchery_and_recipes_nsfw_pig_carcass/ All of his/her submissions are fantastic so I would also nominate Ellipses1 for best user.
0.910 I'm starting up a blog and this is a great idea, will definitely incorporate calories into the titles of my posts and hope they end up helpful and will post here.
0.910 Yeah, it was pretty good, the buttercream was the best part.
0.906 I think best seafood dish and best red meat is better.
0.906 They brought a chef from the US back to Japan to represent the best in Japanese cuisine. In other words, they needed to go to the US to find a chef that best represented creative Japanese cuisine.
0.888 OP posted his gorgeous artisan unbaked cinnamon rolls and then someone posted their burned great value brand rolls in response.
0.884 Since I see you'll be in Vegas you should check out Ichiza off Spring Mountain, it's a great izakaya that also has super yummy honey toast Simpler than that one, but sooo good!
0.883 You might be paying about the same price when they're on special, but oysters on special sure seems pretty dodgy.
0.878 Thank you for sharing, I really like this quote :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.938 I buy the BBQ sauce, but holy hell they fucked up the meats.
-0.873 Sausage should be patties, you're missing biscuits and gravy, last but not least, where the hell are the grits?!?!
-0.872 Sad thing is that I hate tomatoes. The other day I was watching the Tigers be terrible with my Dad.
-0.834 this lighting is kinda awful but damn if it doesn't make me hungry anyways :(
-0.823 It used to be a "poor mans" cut and I wonder wth happened to that cuz it's been getting expensive.
-0.813 The order shows up, but where the hell are the toasted ravioli? Oh...
-0.809 Freaking tasty, and you get the WTF are you smoking look.
-0.796 poor bastards.
-0.792 This is so obnoxiously American I thought it was more /r/the_donald spam.
-0.787 Holy shit I've never laughed so hard at a YouTube video before
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