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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.925 Awesome piece of work, I'd love to be able to get this as a poster, it'd look great in a frame.
0.925 Lol this is great, I actually laughed audibly at this :)
0.922 Yeah but still is pretty dope to have it, I was using a 10mm auto and I was eating ammo like a mofo, this way I can easilly get 2/3 targets from far away and then engage the rest at close :D
0.919 > I love survival mode. I love *breaking* survival mode. hahaha
0.917 My god this is amazing! I love how it looks like an actual post apocalypse settlement.
0.908 but also try to dissect how the original artist did what he did, and also have fun :) edit: also the logo placement...
0.908 He doesn't need to give inspirational credit LMAO!!!
0.906 I would love to play it, it looks amazing!!!
0.900 Hope some very advanced modder with VR interest build on top of this :)
0.888 They wake up a few years later and track their love only to find them being kept alive as a lab rat, golden goose who's been given a cadre of sex androids to keep them happy.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.934 Tbh I got so sick of her shit that I killed her, dragged her corpse away, and just threw in in the river. The quality of life improved immensely.
-0.920 If you can kill an enemy within a minute of your death would that be a *close shave* ?
-0.919 My first run to Diamond City, I was sick as hell looking for a doctor, was an epic run early game for a crap character near death.
-0.898 I accidentally killed all the robots as they became hostile towards me :/
-0.887 *walking along with no fucks to give* *Walks 2 A.U of P.G* P.G:Hey, anothe- P.C:GOD FUCKING DAMNIT
-0.883 I haven't had this much trouble, but snap sure as hell isn't perfect.
-0.869 Without survival mode I just teleport to where i need to be, kill everything in a 30 second whirlwind of death, and leave without seeing anything between my base and my target.
-0.869 After she left I had a crisis over whether to kill him or not.
-0.866 Was there anything after the fourth tape where the killer says he's looking forward to killing the detective or something?
-0.859 You *can* package suicidal depression!
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