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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.899 Quest bars and their generic counter parts are expensive, but have very high protein and fiber content and taste pretty great.
0.893 taste great and super healthy.
0.889 It's super healthy and it's REALLY easy to make.
0.878 It crisps up the tortilla, making them less "sticky" when I go to reheat them. They're "grab and go," about 350 calories a piece, lots of protein, super easy to put together, and very satisfying.
0.850 I do use scant teaspoons for the stevia, but honestly I've found that with the stevia I use it seems to be as sweet as about 2tsp of sugar instead of 4.
0.840 Healthy as in rich in vitamins and minerals or healthy as in low-calorie?
0.824 I was looking for a place to ask this question, hope this works :D I know whole grain products are better than the rest, I understand it's because of the lower GI basically.
0.778 this looks fantastic, will try it in near future, thanks!
0.769 To paraphrase the post, flavour is really up to you, but vanilla and rocky road have the best macros, but if you only use it once a day, the differences don't really matter!
0.768 what kind of monster puts chicken curry on noodles???...ok, looks pretty good

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.852 I've never had boiled chicken but it seems to be the rage on low calorie and cutting diets.
-0.681 We had one of our office people take his fish out to the shop to reheat it in their microwaves to avoid stinking the office up.
-0.623 You can bet your ass I'm getting egg white omelettes whenever I want them without any guilt that I'm wasting the yolks.
-0.586 Assault tacos.
-0.542 fuck that layout and site design.
-0.527 I'm not lactose intolerant, but do watch my intake as I get a mild upset stomach from too much lactose.
-0.526 Taste and texture, with the former being kind of gross.
-0.494 Egg whites are high protein, low carb and low fat
-0.459 Nope, egg whites have the property that when they're beaten they fluff up, if you leave the yolk in then they're not going to fluff.
-0.425 It tastes like a chocolate shake, but not overly sweet.
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