/r/firstworldproblems Analysis

Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.864 It can certainly help with the overcrowding but it definitely won't help with the distance.
0.844 It's like 50 cents and makes the whole thing seems like a joke gift
0.843 We're a very strong loving community!
0.832 More often than I'd care to admit, I've gone out for lunch and scored an amazing spot when I got back...
0.758 Original syntax as confusing. Apparently the top is solid copper which is why I feel like I threw my back out helping him get it into his car.
0.754 Also, reading the response back, it sound super pretentious, but hey, look which sub we're in :)
0.727 I like to look out the window of my office around 9am and laugh at the plebs circling the lot endlessly looking for a spot so they don't have to park a half mile away in the overflow lot.
0.718 Used to live in Edinburgh -- party town. Then I moved to [The City that Fun Forgot]
0.690 Thank you, good ~~sir~~ person!
0.660 Well I just want to say I'm grateful for your response to my question.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.681 For the pie gods I would, hell for the pie gods I'd give up the b-hole.
-0.674 But geez, WTF?
-0.659 Crisis adverted!
-0.636 No, got some sort of error that said I had to waive a signature before shipment.
-0.625 Samsung's are the worst emoji out there.
-0.573 That smug self righteous moral high ground dismissing everyone that doesn't think like you as stupid.
-0.572 I was fuming
-0.477 It comes out of the box badly coiled?
-0.459 Also, I hope I didn't just make your stress worse by adding another option.
-0.440 same :( #shortpeopleproblems
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