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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.943 That's amazing lol thank you for helping me buy myself a Christmas gift lol
0.840 I love ruining the holidays for other people I care about.
0.818 I hope this time I'm clear enough :)
0.813 Just feel the love, friend.
0.807 Haha, well a few years back when a friend of mind showed me reddit, I made an account right then and there.
0.802 I love you too :)
0.796 Btw did I say I love you. But as a future Brit, all I have to say is, nonchalantly, "Oh Thanks, mate".
0.791 "Center for Consumer Freedom" has a nice ring don't it?
0.778 Such petty snide comedy that makes you laugh like that one lizard meme
0.733 Maybe they could have said "Great Games for 99C" instead, but hey, Google ain't wrong too!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.870 "PETA kills animals i hate them" then you go eat hotdogs because you don't actually care whatsoever.
-0.832 Animals have groove in their hearts which is why it's wrong to kill them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzoEK545j64
-0.823 Again, that source is not right, huffpo riffing off the same bullshit isn't any less bullshit.
-0.813 You hate all muslims now and hate islam?
-0.802 You can see actual results in what I linked, I think it's kind of stupid for you to say it's bad to link to primary sources.
-0.798 No they're not, they're a pretty great organization.
-0.791 its an ugly mural anyway i hate all the social media tags on it too makes it look tacky
-0.791 Fuck them and fuck you.
-0.788 More power to you and your efforts but that is not manmade perpetual systemic suffering you're trying to stop, and they are and more power to 'em.
-0.778 They got a call of strays in an area and some retard scooped up some lady's dog, it was stupid.
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