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0.949 Quit my job for a new job with $17k more in pay , better health care, and better career potential! Edit: Hoping to boost that 25% savings rate :)
0.944 Not passive at first, but if you can set something like this up, it seems like a pretty good deal http://founderorigins.com/university-business
0.935 The Help to buy ISA and Lifetime ISA are great options giving 25% bonuses on savings up to 2400 and 4000 a year respectively for the purposes of a home deposit and retirement after 60.
0.911 I'm just starting on the path and stories like yours are very inspiring. Enjoy the rest of your life, friend!
0.907 Then you save up your Pidgeys and get hella XP for evolving them all with a lucky egg active.
0.906 It's not the reason I'm in better shape but it sure does help make it easy.
0.898 Freedom is the confidence that you can live within the means of something you're passionate about.
0.898 Most people had a slim notion or a slight urge that they slowly nurtured until it grew into a faint hope which barely stayed alive for years until it could mature into a vision.
0.888 The rules are more subtle than that, but don't really expect your employer to give you a special sweetheart deal if you don't go the self-employment route.
0.888 Awesome, that sounds pretty good!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.891 Think about the ennui when there's no debt to kill /s
-0.888 Who the hell has cable? Isn't that banned under cruel and unusual punishment?
-0.848 It takes time, just no additional time. I'm tired of the "it's not passive unless I can sit on my ass and rake it in" brigade lately.
-0.842 I was in the exact same position as you: bigfirm lawyer who hated his job, obsessed with FIRE.
-0.834 Admittedly, a bunch of these shoes are old out-of-service running shoes, but still... Seriously thinking of buying new crap only if I throw away old crap first.
-0.827 Hell, we just deployed a small feature that I made, and that gave me a greater sense of accomplishment than anything I did in law. So forget about FIRE for a while and go explore.
-0.824 What the hell would I do after I reach FIRE?
-0.813 I can see the tone of that being better but a failed marriage is a huge risk to FIRE.
-0.804 Hate the game, not the player, I know, but this seems really unethical to me.
-0.802 He didn't say the healthcare was shitty he said the system was, if it's not accessible it's a shitty system.
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