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0.958 I think I write pretty good cover letters and my resume is pretty great thanks to lots of help over the last year.
0.937 I imagine it will be easier to find a good tailor than to find pants with a specific pocket that fit perfectly off the rack :)
0.932 I REALLY want knee/thigh high boots, but I feel like I'm too short so I feel like this could be the next best thing.
0.930 Maybe because I'm not used to having "winter shorts" lol. I actually love that joggers fit, it's just the only fit I've actually made I've liked with them.
0.928 I'm really curious about that job, if you ever feel like sharing some stories, I'm sure FFA would love to hear!
0.918 Turned out for me that a class just didn't transfer right due to a computer glitch but I've been literally dealing with it a year at this point. hope you have better luck with it!
0.918 :) And now I'm getting Birkenstocks so perfect I need them and I'll use them all the time and it's a much better solution.
0.916 Ideally it'll be very slim and able to fit in a purse, but I'm fine if it's nice enough to carry it by hand.
0.896 I love my lacy high neck bra with high neck tops like [this one] because the lace peeks out just a little bit on the top and sides.
0.895 I love surprises, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather have something I enjoy over a surprise.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.852 I hate that motherfucker so much.
-0.844 :( I bet your hill is still a death trap today?
-0.823 In a fight between ice, a lifted pickup driven by a moron and my Jetta my Jetta is deff the one getting crushed and the last thing I need in these final weeks of 2016 is my car totalled.
-0.820 I'm dying to get a jewel tone velvet suit, but I haven't found a decent one for women :( So jealous of the dandy menswear...
-0.815 I HATE getting gifts I don't want and then feel guilty about it.
-0.802 O shit this is fucking sick.
-0.796 On the Portland apocalyptic 2 inch snow storm front I'm still refusing to go to work today.
-0.791 Just trying to be cozy since we have a chance of bad weather today and I suspect I may be getting sick.
-0.784 This whole thing has been a freaking disaster.
-0.781 I like the idea of block sandals, but try to avoid any harsh lines/straps that would take away from the dress.
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