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0.949 I'm sure there are many successful obese Canadians who would love to donate their money towards such a campaign, and corporations would love to be associated with that inclusivity as well.
0.926 I don't normally approve stand alone text posts but I trust you people to be honest and not cruel.
0.919 My work is having a holiday party on Sunday and i asked if I can bring some healthy foods to eat and I'd be happy to share them.
0.915 Yes, I definitely feel better now Thank you :)
0.914 my sister has this friend who's cousin's best friend uses this method and it totally works.
0.908 Seriously impressive! Good luck, and have fun!
0.903 So for a layman, you'll be ok and won't have to torture yourself unless you want to achieve great fits of flexibility.
0.896 I have 7 lbs of glorious salmon in the freezer right now thanks to my wonderful wife.
0.888 We're sorry but your post or comment has been removed for the following reason: * Please post this as a comment in either the Wellness Wednesday or Wellness Weekend sticky.
0.886 I'm pretty sure we learned that they still recommend some weight gain if you're obese, it's just closer to 10 pounds than 25.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.949 I know this might not be the best time for a rant but *goddamnit* I am so sick of all this shit.
-0.935 I'm curious how so-called "deathfats" feel about being called "deathfats". If I was morbidly obese I would fucking HATE being called a deathfat because it sounds so dehumanizing and awful and scary.
-0.925 I guess back in the day, you know before the obesity crisis, the US was suffering from a low self-esteem crisis.
-0.888 - My arms go numb while I'm sleeping, to the point where I've woken up with my fingers being cold and numb, causing me to be terrified that I'll lose them. And those are just some of the effects.
-0.885 I've had the same issue with my supplements , but as a goddamn adult I refuse to not take my vitamins in gummy form, diet be damned.
-0.883 It does mean that every dumb ass will fail in the long term.
-0.878 But I always thought fat shaming/skinny shaming was a little bullshit tbh but now that I lost weight so quickly I get "skinny shamed" almost daily
-0.875 Carrie Fisher is not cold in her grave and they co opt her death for their horrible purposes.
-0.848 Getting everyone to go "awww poor you, stupid doctors there there" or having them go "eh, its your own fault you idiot".
-0.843 Are people just bored and looking for some new body shape? And it's so pervasive a norm now that a giant, possibly fake ass is being called hot even on r/fatlogic?
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