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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 I don't think Arians can just assume they'll win 13 games again, every game in the NFL is hard to win and Arians will play his best players to make sure he wins, just like any other coach.
0.932 Called "I Miss The Old NarFFL," man that would be so NarFFL That's all it was NarFFL, we still love NarFFL And I love you like NarFFL loves NarFFL]
0.931 I feel like he has been pretty effective against the Packers and Julius Thomas just had a pretty good game against them too.
0.929 Well at this point I get the 13th or 14th pick in my league and with tons of first rounders kept I hope I can get someone like TY Hilton lmao.
0.926 Oh, oh, I won two out of three, and would've won the third if tie breaking rules were points scored and not head to head. I'm pretty pleased with myself.
0.924 Thanks for your help and best of luck this week!!
0.919 I mean there's always coachspeak but when teammates, head coaches, position coaches, media and personnel people are all saying someone is going to be amazing, you'd best be paying attention.
0.916 But he didn't turn the ball over either so that was certainly impressive. He's in a perfect situation to succeed right now.
0.912 While I agree Gurley is the more talented runner, DJ is clearly a better receiver and on the far better offense.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.958 Shit shit shit shit shit.
-0.945 Pains me to sit chief crief but with so many offensive weapons hurt in NE I would rather have Edelman in than crief.
-0.932 I know the narrative for hopkins was "he has always done great with shit QBs" but it's the devil you know vs the devil you don't.
-0.931 Not because of his ability, but this domestic violence shit hanging over his head has me skeptical of any trades.
-0.920 Fucking hate this stupid bullshit game.
-0.900 In another game in the losing streak I lost by 0.1 to the worst team in the league and in another a different awful team scored 103 against me after having 43 and 63 the previous two weeks.
-0.898 He's been a stud all year but RG3 is so goddamn awful.
-0.881 Rishard has the higher floor but Reek has the higher ceiling. Reek had a big game against Denver last they met and I'd make that bet again.
-0.878 I feel confident but we are also the two top scores this week already so a loss would be by a few points while beating everyone else in the league by 15+, so, extra heartbreaking.
-0.863 The injury scare Also, screw all the haters who said Forte was too old.
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