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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.930 If you have a better cost effective solution then I'm sure a ton of people would love to hear it.
0.917 Thanks for starting my night off with a great chuckle. Oh, and enjoy the candy cane tic tacs.
0.910 The freedom of economy, education and healthcare as the main pointers, but the freedom to live, not to worry about basic things.
0.859 yeah, but then they aren't self-sufficient and thus their FREEDOM is curtailed.
0.859 Well good luck finding half a million jobless veterans then Not too old of course, willing and able... Oh and they would like to be paid also i guess...
0.852 It equates trying to gain acceptance and equality, which Irish immigrants did do, with being a "pussy" or looking for some kind of hand out.
0.852 Tradition is our great grandparents thinking they know how best to run our world
0.844 On the other hand, if you are right, good for you, there wouldn't be any negative effect on me either
0.844 He was upfront and honest about his policy and said that he like to provide a comfortable working schedule for college students, which is exactly what he did.
0.832 Guys like me think it's awesome when girls join in on the fart fest.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.943 I'm calling you retarded because you can't form a coherent sentence and I'm calling you racist to encapsulate all the bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and blind hate you support.
-0.932 You happen to get cancer and somebody starts saying, "You got cancer, so you're going to die because Jesus wants to see you!" Jesus supposedly can already see you.
-0.907 Not that I'm saying that the dumbfucks that call everything they find offensive "rape" need to be raped, but someone needs to tech those dumbfucks what rape actually is.
-0.906 "This man has a prior for sexually assaulting little kids, and he's here today for threatening terrorism on Facebook."
-0.898 There's no evil media conspiracy corrupting his pristine image, all the criticisms are direct quotes from his mouth.
-0.886 You still kill at least half of them and you still kill the cows as soon as their milk production declines or they can't get pregnant anymore.
-0.886 Anyone on Trumps side that complains about liberal fear monger is so far gone from reality that they have no idea how stupid they sound to someone outside their cult.
-0.883 get put after all the cancer victims who died on the day he was assassinated?
-0.862 It's like a weird mutant hybrid of the worst qualities ascribed to millennials with the worst qualities ascribed to radical feminists, and does nothing constructive to promote Trans awareness.
-0.856 Do you disagree that either nuclear war or global warming will destroy us before the other does?
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