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0.941 This hand is my hand This hand is your hand No wait, that's my hand. No wait, that's your hand.
0.936 But keep in mind this goes both ways, China definitely doesn't want war with the United States, especially not after Trump gets inaugurated. Nobody wins in a war between the US and China.
0.935 Being able to separate with their ability to recognize what's actually beauty, and creating that masterpiece, and that, is what takes talent.
0.933 More often than not, they will modify your password in such a way that it is very easy to validate, but super, super hard to get it back.
0.928 No one brought it up but sex with someone who isn't fake and a flesh light is pretty awesome too
0.923 You transfer the assets in to the FLP early on and as they gain wealth the wealth is transferred to the beneficiaries in several ways, including distributions or ownership in new acquisitions.
0.921 This has a lot to do with the ideal gas law, which isn't 100% accurate in real systems, but is fantastic for approximating many things and perfect for this example. The law itself is P*V=n*R*T.
0.920 There are applications like Game Maker that will simplify the creation process, but honestly your best thing to do is learn some sort of programming language.
0.914 So exploration/exploitation need to be traded off because you have a finite amount of time to live for, but also because you get better at gaining rewards without exploring (i.e.
0.912 What it could be is that they have an overall healthy development, and their nice butts and healthy symmetrical body shapes help support that.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.945 The children were arrested and tortured, with reports of at least one being brutally killed, with his mutilated body sent back to his family.
-0.939 And when people did start protesting, they were lackluster at best, and were not even really against the regime, but rather protesting the bad economy, high unemployment, lack of oppurtunities, etc.
-0.935 So basically, it's possible but not likely that the dementia alone will kill you and even in the possible cases there's probably just too much going wrong to know exactly what caused it.
-0.933 There are over 300 active chemicals in cigarettes today, so shit could've changed. Edit: he got lung cancer, beat it, and died two weeks later of a heart attack.
-0.931 Same high, but you know it's going to be potent. Now in no way shape or from am I advocating the use of heroin or abuse of any opiate or opioid.
-0.929 World will continue going to shit, and no, you don't have a say in it. Choke on the garbage you consume and die, as the men in glass towers demand.
-0.923 Pain threshold ~= when does stuff start to hurt Pain tollerance ~= how much you can withstand once you pass your pain threshold At least that's how I try to make the distinction.
-0.914 Haha yeah but I'm thinking of this as a "oh shit I've drunk too much and I'm going to die" kind of situation
-0.914 They cut off trade they'll be fucking themselves over and they know it. They go full scale war we'll both end up destroying half the planet and China will be broken .
-0.911 I have no idea how the Middle East values their relationships with the USA trade, but their lack of preventative measures from Islamic terrorism suggests not a huge amount.
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