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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.920 Sure, this works for some people who are successful, but I know a few people personally who only do stuff they are good at and this is exactly what made them successful.
0.889 >JUS INSPIRED I know that a good jus will inspire me to do something I would normally never do....
0.869 Their sizes are pretty spot on and they are great to return things to for the right fit.
0.834 I'm a heavy sweater and driclor changed my life. Stings for the first week or two, but after that's it's easy :)
0.818 nice one, thanks for sharing
0.794 To wash: use a very gentle, oil rich beard soap.
0.784 Meditation is awesome and powerful.
0.768 I held him up by his legs to try and flush his lungs yet nothing but blood kept pouring out of his mouth. Protip: It's always worth it to try to save an animal, but get kids away before you try.
0.765 Meh, saying there is "one rule" for success is pretty simplistic and not accurate.
0.710 It's a little pricey, but the first 10 days are free and repeatable if you just want to get started.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.875 Kill his dog, nail dead squirrels to his door.
-0.831 It was so bad it makes me angry
-0.777 This is really a terrible, terrible post.
-0.765 Oh youll know. Also, much more of this buzzfeed type bullshit on here and Ill unsub.
-0.751 Do anything short of felony to annoy him.
-0.751 that's a weak ass zip tie son
-0.743 Scare him so much that he moves to another target until he gets old enough to be arrested.
-0.714 Feel like I was just sold to by a high pressure salesman who says a lot of shit that seems like it is meaningful but by the time you realize it's bullshit he's moved on to the next thing.
-0.691 >/u/Goatus_OQueef : Fuck i hate the word 'hacks' when they mean 'tips' or 'ideas'. >/u/PitsJustin : Agree, the word is overused.
-0.681 What the hell are you talking about?
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