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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.988 please link me to that claim XD XD XD LOL KEK HAHAHA IM DYING XD XD
0.944 Despite this I find it fair but will make sure that I double check every email that I send in work to make sure they don't fire me for at least 3,5 years more :D
0.942 but everybody loves Christmas like it was invented in Vaslui :D
0.937 Not that corporatism and globalism are necessarily good things at all, but with respect to keeping peace among world powers and power blocks I think these have a net positive influence.
0.931 You wouldn't fear for your safety of course but you wouldn't want to provoke anyone regardless. Luckily relations have improved a lot over the past decades.
0.930 XD oh how I wish we were just a little bit more like Austria xD
0.924 > if something like the United States of Europe will happen. Oh my God I sure hope they will not try to do something like that!
0.923 It enjoys numerous other opt-outs, on the euro, Schengen, and in the areas of freedom, security and justice.
0.920 Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer wrote a book, Active Liberty, on his judicial philosophy and system of government.
0.917 >Today, Britains top negotiators are confident they have a strong hand to play.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.976 How the hell can you think the death of terrorists is the same as the death of innocent people? What the hell is wrong with you?
-0.961 > The 19-year-old victim was sexually abused and murdered on the way home from a student party. 30 years for rape and murder and then permanently expelled from Schengen area.
-0.956 Mostly propaganda from the states and various religious leaders about how it makes you dumb, lazy but also a violent rapist.
-0.946 Either way there are worse things in life than being lazy and it kinda contradicts the "violent rapist" angle they also pushed
-0.940 I did not say that we need to deport all refugees, I am only saying that the violent and criminal refugees should be deported after their first violent crime or act - big difference.
-0.940 > Imagine geting arrested for something you didn't do in a foreign country. Not just arrested, but arrested for terrorism.
-0.938 "She lived through the first world war, great depression, rise of Hitler and Stalin, second world war, atomic bomb, foundation of Israel, cold war, space age, she lived through it all.
-0.936 Yes, maybe not exactly *battle* badassery , but absolutely no "evil savage" connotations.
-0.936 But, for my part, I condemn ANY terrorist act, regardless of who's doing it. But saying that you despise terrorism does not mean I don't think that the Kurdish PEOPLE deserve a country of their own.
-0.935 I don't slaughter them because I feel sorry for them, but once they're dead I have no problem cutting the carcass, it's very common here and part of our tradition.
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