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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 I'm sure the for profit prisons aren't complaining about the boost in legal slaves that the contaminated water is giving them.
0.840 But yeah, this is a great milestone, and wider adoption is clearly the default path.
0.784 She probably saw the sick/injured pup and tried her best to help, thinking that maybe it could be rehabilitated if she called wildlife authorities.
0.757 I wish farming techniques could be more efficient, in the sense that regions would prioritize growing for their own region, rather than thinking of selling across the country.
0.723 So much more efficient that having a sane society and clean water to drink.
0.720 I don't even have to like animals just because, I just don't want to kill and eat them.
0.700 Clean water should be a basic right in the "most powerful nation on the planet." Edit: Guys, i get it.
0.691 It would be nice if regions with metropolitan areas could sustain themselves better though, especially in terms of food.
0.681 I agree with your point, but have some nitpicking about terminology: > Good article.
0.681 However, Trump is going to show this is a double-edged sword. This has always been a pet peeve of mine regardless of what party is in power that the president effectively can bypass Congress.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.938 You could have supported a candidate they believed in climate change but no can't be supporting "the lesser of two evils" so congrats you got the worse evil.
-0.820 and since it takes about 5,000 gallons of water to create 1lbs of beef, we're fucked if we can't sort this shit out.
-0.813 I called you pathetic because "rolling coal" is pathetic.
-0.796 The worst possible thing he can do is take our energy policy toward the worst thing it can be.
-0.796 This whole thing is just silly, and the worst part is the poor reporting of it.
-0.784 He was arrested for contempt of a court order.
-0.771 Absorbing large amounts of lead as a child can result in poorer decision making skills, and more violent behavior in adults.
-0.743 These words are meaningless and his actions already have been disgusting.
-0.735 To bad they don't have a decent plan for the actual problem: water.
-0.718 Seems to me you are in insecure moron.
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