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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.900 She is smart, successful in her chosen field, not ashamed of her body, and doesn't take shit from anyone who tries to tell her otherwise.
0.867 Justin was GREAT the last time he was on @midnight and thank you for reminding me that I also have never had Shalhoub on and need to rectify that as well!
0.857 I never read the books nor did I see the Swedish ones, but I thought the US version was pretty good!
0.827 Friends of mine reported that is was super easy to get into, with no lines or anything...
0.784 Looks pretty excellent.
0.765 I feel like they did a great unintentional send off for her though in Rogue One.
0.739 I like how Wick doesn't fuck around with core shots and goes straight to head shots.
0.735 Seems like Schumer is a pretty damn good casting, and she's blonde!
0.727 "Get Shorty 2" is pretty good.
0.716 That's a great idea!!!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.927 Parker was accused of rape by a woman who later committed suicide, and only got off because the judge determined he couldn't rape someone he had sex with the night before.
-0.834 but his university did see enough evidence to punish him and his friend was at one point convicted of rape.
-0.796 I know gun fu
-0.758 It was horribly written, the script was terrible.
-0.751 Affleck has been accused of sexual harassment, and had no legal cases brought against him.
-0.726 To say he is more threatening than Pence is incredibly naive.
-0.718 A comment like this from someone who posts in /r/The_Donald is unsurprising, take your disgusting racism back to your Klan rally.
-0.681 Two ends, one candle, burnt to hell.
-0.649 They just do weird shit.
-0.625 It had one of the worst scripts I've seen in a long time.
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