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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.919 Ideally the three major types of clean energy, nuclear, solar, and wind, should go hand in hand and supplement each other
0.912 These are fucking amazing, but it's obvious whoever can get the strongest electromagnet and torquiest motor will win.
0.909 Still, it's good to hear that solar is doing well, and the more profitable solar energy becomes, the better.
0.862 I like how it makes a little jump before the puddle, like it's really excited that it gets to put its fancy tires to good use.
0.862 Congrats or better luck next time!
0.840 Creating an ultrasafe facility for spent nuclear fuel is the best way to protect ourselves.
0.840 You then need to etch or deposit material, between these steps all while ensuring the wafer is perfectly clean.
0.826 In the US, we often hear that dishwashers are more energy efficient than hand washing.
0.802 I love academic research, this is very interesting.
0.778 Solar energy is great, but is not nearly as reliable or efficient as a nuclear plant is.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.773 I think that recent history, especially the Iraq war, have shown that the government can't be trusted to "do the right thing".
-0.765 It is moronic and serves no purpose. Seriously, what am I going to say?
-0.764 I would also point out that using threaded rod as an axle isn't really awesome, since it has so many stress concentration points.
-0.758 I disagree that "War is ...
-0.727 "It may or may not be used in making atomic bombs" is what I was referring to. I know what a dirty bomb is.
-0.720 I think it is clear that he doesn't support using state violence in support of commercial/political ends.
-0.718 Somehow the people in our town became convinced that windmills cause cancer and rejected the proposal.
-0.718 If you have `return -1`the block moves in the wrong direction.
-0.673 I don't think your friend is in any legal danger.
-0.660 No, damns do not make the premise of Tesla Motors.
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