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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.949 It's a great interval workout :) Keep up the great work, I always love hearing your tracks on ABGT!
0.887 Sorta hard to describe exactly but would love to know if anyone knows any more like these.
0.883 Been to webster a few times and if you can deal with the packed standing room and lackluster security, the sound is good and the artists love playing there for whatever reason.
0.858 I definitely focused on design first when I was putting this together, so I'm glad it was worth the effort.
0.856 Adventure club is fun and Yuna's voice is amazing.
0.852 Innocence and Me & You are super nostalgic for me cause they were favorites of mine when I first started getting into electronic music.
0.826 Hey Armin! Love your music, thanks for making it! Whats the favourite track you've worked on/made?
0.811 Is there any chance you will make more music like your older stuff in the future? PS: huge fan Parlo anche italiano
0.807 I just wanted to thank you for this amazing album!
0.807 I've listened to a couple of Tycho's songs and they've been great, thanks for the suggestion!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.834 SoundCloud GO sucks so bad. Why don't they just leave things alone.
-0.789 What is this weak shit
-0.788 Did'nt rate his album too much but this is a killer EP.
-0.778 >your comment deeply offends me I think you're the one that needs to chill the fuck out.
-0.771 It's annoying and the hospo girls fucking hate you.
-0.586 and even try and pretend to have a girlfriend --> It's disgusting.
-0.572 I don't get all the hate its getting.
-0.569 Really should have used a front-end framework but I was really new to webdev when I made it so it's not pretty. PM me if you want to contribute!
-0.542 What the fuck does the American president-elect have to do with a French house track?
-0.542 it's uncanny as fuck.
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