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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.974 Winner winner winner winner winner! Just put a VW mod in his left hand!
0.964 I thought about starting with an ego, but my best friend had a Nemesis clone and pretty much convinced me to start there because I'd get there within a matter of months anyway.
0.959 It's going to take some willpower, but it helps to have one of the most generous and helpful communities on Reddit to guide you in the direction of smoke free!
0.954 Best of luck to all of you, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
0.948 So when I discovered vaping, I saw something that wouldn't just get me tobacco free, but keep me free, and give me the pleasurable sensation that I enjoy.
0.942 Yes they do, but we have a special program called Flavor Experts that is in place to help funnel some of the best B&M flavors to the online store.
0.942 Honestly, to me, it sounds like Clear Creek is either a shell company or they were trying to help friends/ share profit and take advantage of their service.
0.940 Vaping is a long term investment, but with the right intentions, one day you will be smoke free and vape free. As someone who quit smoking nearly 6 months ago, I feel much more confident.
0.938 I dunno about you guys, but I'm a 30 year old man who is happy to admit that I fucking love Froot Loops.
0.938 Thanks everyone for the condolences he was a good man i aint gonna be down instead imma have a good holiday to remember the great man

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.955 I am not a smoker but my mom smoked for 30 years and I watched her die a horrible death back in 1997.
-0.938 > People who are doing this shit are basically shooting themselves in the foot I don't think they care, and it's almost impossible to ban people from doing without some Fahrenheit 451 shit.
-0.937 Smoking analogs from 16 to 30, pack a day since 20. I've tried e-cigs a year ago with a ego-t kit but I failed because those small cartridges are frankly awful, leaky shit.
-0.933 CANCER kills, cigarettes give you cancer.
-0.932 The issue is that even a 1-2% failure rate is a huge problem when failure can result in serious injury or even death.
-0.928 well I agree fuck suicide bunny/vape bile but diketones are proven bad, wtf are u talking about
-0.927 LOL...this is so tired. If you really knew shit about shit, you would be bitching about how she sold SB/Wolf Pack for ~$90 million not too long ago.
-0.923 Efest is now going right next to Trustfire and iLeaf on my shit list. 0/10, would not recommend to my worst enemy.
-0.922 my life sucked so bad once i got "infuriated" by poor cropping too, but then....oh wait no never been that big of a loser
-0.919 This is not only a straight rip off but it is dangerous. Shit like this is why people are wary of buying shit from China.
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