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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.802 I'm pretty sure this is how a squid says "Help me, I'm gonna die."
0.784 I'm surprised that you can honestly think people would be polite and respectful, especially behind an anonymous handle. Is it right?
0.778 Though I do encourage you too because it is fascinating EDIT 2: letter
0.772 I love math gifs like this.
0.757 Pretty neat! EDIT: turns out chromatophores are also a type of cell that make up chromatophore organs
0.751 I think growing up with any given system, you quickly learn what is the healthy temperature range, and what constitutes a fever :)
0.732 one of the overall best cardio workouts, only problem is you really have to challenge yourself if you want to make progress and not plateau.
0.681 Straight in, nae kissing.
0.681 The strength of wingtip vortices is determined by the weight and airspeed of the aircraft.
0.670 That is pretty cool.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.836 If we repeated the experiment in the video on asphalt on a warm summer day, we would get the opposite result - the winter tires would have the worst stopping distance, and the worst grip in a turn.
-0.796 The football does have a aerodynamic shape but it does suffer drag in two ways.
-0.706 Which leads me to 2 questions: 1: Is this real? 2: If so, how the hell are they behaving in this way if they aren't sentient creatures.
-0.681 Trans fat is the worst - it raises LDL and lowers HDL .
-0.670 Assuming things while it is still unfolding is terrible :/
-0.625 this has got to be the worst educational gif i've ever seen
-0.625 Also by far the worst tread wear life.
-0.612 And then they made THE saddest [video]
-0.598 Blue balls are illegal!
-0.586 the insane part is that in the 40s thousands of men died to have islands just like that one.
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