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0.967 If I'm ever in Detroit I'll definitely have to go there, sounds like the place I go to but with friendlier employees and free Hershey's kisses, nice!!
0.963 but I scanned through every pic and shared it with my boyfriend and best friend and said "Look at the dog!!!!" or "Do you think Oscar would help us with this?" hahaah
0.940 I actually like it wit whiz too =D They both taste good, and thats all I care about :)
0.934 Sounds good, like a classy peanut butter. #14 sounds like fucking heaven. #22 is kind of ridiculous. I think /r/grilledcheese would quite enjoy an xpost.
0.926 ED: if anyone wants this burger and free fries with it, join 'fatties burger appreciation society' on facebook, there's a special on for members only :)
0.920 I agree that I like a good balance of flavors and this looks like it would be perfect for me with 2.
0.917 Very strange, I know, but also super fun. https://www.tumblr.com/search/secret+bakery+florence This link isn't mine, but it well explains how to find a few of them
0.906 I love how generous they are with the mozerella. It looks amazing.
0.905 I think Bare Bowls is relatively healthy, but other than that I'm not too sure what trucks are considered healthy. I can definitely understand a truck being better drunk haha.
0.902 I'm so sorry to hear that and I truly apologize and will do my best to make sure you have a better experience next time.

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-0.881 There is actually no shit to be fucked out of this sandwich.
-0.877 Every time a cheese steak is posted this dumb ass rhetoric gets brought up, let the people eat whiz damn it.
-0.840 Sorry I went to a bad bagel shop the other day and I'm still pissed.
-0.835 I'm Portuguese, but I live in Switzerland, so I miss this sandwich terribly! This is our equivalent of a Pizza in Italy.
-0.827 Gross who the hell puts cheese on Texas BBQ
-0.827 What the hell is wrong with all you people?
-0.818 Bloody hell where can I get this monster.
-0.807 If I eat more than a tiny amount of mammal products, I risk a week of high fever, ass rash and epic stomach cramps.
-0.799 My normal reaction is rudeness and sarcasm, I'm not quite sure why I chose this time to be nice, especially since the advice was so stupid.
-0.796 Before that was Mesopotamia, but Germany really got it started. Edit: I missed the word the I'm a moron
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