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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.950 I used to have a friend that had 4, and they were all huge derps but super sweet lol.
0.948 She definitely knows she was loved and I hope you can be strong and remember all of her happy times.
0.946 Whenever I'm sad, I think about all the joy she brings me and how I have a partner and best friend for many years :) Dogs are the best.
0.926 Beautiful, smart, HILARIOUS, so confident.
0.925 Perhaps we should become more civilized and take care of our best friends better.
0.923 I hope you're doing well, feel comfort in the fact that you have your dog an amazing life while you could :)
0.911 I rescued an apbt and he is a handful but I love him and he was a good match for my lifestyle.
0.909 She's a really, really great dog! Here she is, happy to be rescued: http://imgur.com/WRD3zPG
0.905 Only seeing them in dog shows has skewed my perception of them, but they seem pretty awesome!
0.900 Time. I am truly blessed to wake up to his face every day, ready for more adventures and memories.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.929 If nothing else, please take solace in the fact that Banjo likely spends every day feeling terrified whenever he has a rage attack, and that's not a very nice existence for a dog.
-0.888 I know I did the right thing but it sucks so bad guys.
-0.883 As someone who fucked up and my dog got heartworms, I cried because I failed my dog.
-0.863 Maybe you should have any dogs if you think negative and physical punishment is how to handle problems with dogs...
-0.859 Our no kill shelter brought him and twelve friends up from a kill shelter because they had room.
-0.828 That doesn't mean I don't think you should train small dogs, but it does mean that if you fail to do so the consequences are less severe.
-0.825 I didn't want it to be docked in the first place, but once I learned how much it bothered him it makes me really sad.
-0.802 I think most rescue/shelter organizations really mean well but pushing a pit on a potential adopter who is not a good fit isn't doing anyone any good.
-0.802 People who abuse animals are not far off from abusing kids if they have any.
-0.784 I hate it when matted dogs come to me and the owner gets mad because I couldn't untangle all the mats.
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