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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.956 But he never attempted suicide. My great grandmother and great uncles all did commit suicide.
0.954 I think that regular messages of love and support, and especially things that nurture [a growth mindset] are more likely to be helpful, and appreciated.
0.954 Build up my legs, improve my mental health and catch Pokemon it is all win win win :)
0.950 The key thing that I want to tell you is, in order to be in a healthy and loving relationship, like the one you want, you need to learn to love yourself for who you truly are first.
0.950 I've been actively trying to improve my mental health ever since I felt capable to, and I think that the best way to feel good is to teach your brain to feel good.
0.945 What real love is based on is unconditional acceptance and an appreciation of who they truly are, rather than what our idealistic mind wants them to be.
0.943 I would recommend you to google how to self love, as it will explain better than I can the importance of loving oneself, in relation to all other aspects of your life.
0.943 I really hope things get better for you and I wish you all the best :)
0.940 Especially one, shes very beautiful, kind and completely trust worthy to me.
0.939 It really helped me focus and left me with motivation and a lighter demeanor afterwards, which I have been lacking. Thanks for sharing your experience and best of luck!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.973 *i hate myself i hate myself i hate myself i hate myself* i want to die why can't i die already
-0.962 > What makes it worse is the 'lonely neckbeard socially awkward' stereotype. This stereotype makes me irrationally angry because it really is the only socially-acceptable form of bullying.
-0.948 I wasted 3 days feeling scared, guilty and worrying about what the doctor would think of me asking about depression whereas other people have it so much more difficult than me.
-0.938 People mistake situational sadness with depression like it's their job to mistake situation sadness with depression.
-0.931 I was seriously depressed because of how much I hated myself and I wanted to kill myself so much yet never did.
-0.929 Until recently my wife had a bout of depression where she had NO reason to be sad, just randomly broke down, refused to get out of bed or do anything, for a few weeks.
-0.925 Just about five seconds of damn hell ass screaming, then grabbed my laptop and walked inside.
-0.925 Not to mention, these councillors would not help me as I was "under 18" and purposely made me wait until I turned 18, even though I kept attempting suicide and was self harming badly.
-0.915 The thought had crossed my mind but I wasn't sure she had suffered with depression before.
-0.914 Stress, stress, stress and then get on myself on for that, falling into depression.
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