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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 We basically helped usher in one of the greatest eras of freedom, peace and prosperity man kind has ever known.
0.946 If your wife doesn't have a diamond ring and someone takes a shot at your wealth or how much you love her the best response is just saying she liked better.
0.920 Upshot does it yet again with fantastic visuals and excellent analysis. Wish they'd also drop some raw data on us, because I'd love to see what some of the OC masters here can make of it too.
0.917 I have a few friends who have decided to use it to save for a deposit so I hope it helps.
0.912 I suppose I could make it much more clear with two histograms, but I found the spiky graph pretty beautiful in its own way, so I let it be.
0.906 came and saved us, whilst other countries like Russia sacrificed just as much if not more. And even if we hadnt been saved: perhaps a unified Europe would have been a stronger Europe.
0.906 And get them sweet sweet bonuses. But we definitely are outliers.
0.902 CNN loved the ratings they got from his inflammatory statements, and Trump loved the free exposure.
0.900 Wait, You are giving credit to luck and not hard work for your success?
0.900 This could be a self help book....   **Achieve everything you want in life by using only your incredible good looks and vast wealth in two easy steps.**

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.957 There are limits, of course - no abuse, no starving them to death or feeding them literal poison, etc.
-0.955 Lifelong prison sentences are cruel, and can put other prisoners in jeopardy from the seriously bad eggs. Third, this isn't a religious issue at all.
-0.948 Wage slavery is shitty and miserable, and it's only going to get worse as the global economy continues to fall apart. Our media can't be helping either.
-0.946 It's not easily proven, but one form of evidence is that each gender typically uses the same methods for murder as for suicide.
-0.934 Then we can retask them to organize these "illegal immigrants" to get out the vote and never have to deal with this stupid bullshit nonsense ever again.
-0.930 It doesn't matter that they were taught to hate, or were raped as a child...the evil act is not excused.
-0.924 It's really bad at picking up sarcasm and generally views disagreement even civil disagreement as negative.
-0.922 If we eliminated every single other cause of death and everybody lived to 200+ years old, every single person would still die of cancer.
-0.922 I talked about war and that made me a dick : edit: -0.802 I talked about war and that made me a dick : yep.
-0.920 While the death penalty doesn't necessarily fix this problem, the issue does show that some people are broken, and can never rejoin society.
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