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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.937 hahaha good one you sure got him there lol xd
0.932 Rocket League could've totally fit with the "better with friends" award, but I will admit it's still a lot of fun when playing solo so I guess that's why it didn't get a nom.
0.906 i enjoy hosting fight club and take care of my guests, giving prizes to the winners.
0.905 I bought the PS4 version because I enjoy playing in my recliner, but if I can play mouse and keyboard at my desk - that would be awesome.
0.902 Original Dante is a lil more over the top on everything, but 'new' Dante is pretty cool as well.
0.896 >and certain armor gives bonuses, like hexer hood boosting INT/FTH and casts Yeah, and?
0.893 i read that blessing scale good till 30 faith, and then from 45 faith, go for lightning.
0.892 Steel set, for some reason people have said it is a 'tryhard' set, but honestly that neck guard gives an awesome heavy knight vibe.
0.886 I always liked the idea of truly welcoming new players to the world of Dark souls lol.
0.886 would be nice that winner have to win over 3 rounds and at least 2 rounds in a row?

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.979 I get it, it's hard, but having to kill the same weaker enemies over and over again just go get to the big enemy is just frustrating and tedious.
-0.925 Seeds are okay, but mobs should still prioritize attacking the host and their white phantoms, and only attack reds if they're the only thing wandering around with their thumb up their ass.
-0.922 As a host, if the fighting is boring thanks to r1 cancer or lame fighters , I spice up things throwing a firebomb, or souls tream ray of death.
-0.898 People although are angry and afraid so will do anything, even abuse youtube to punish this guy.
-0.898 Every Dark Souls has pvp issues DS1: Shit net code la P2P shenanigan lagstabs DS2: Soul Memory DS3: Invasion matchmaking, roll spam, phantom range DS2's bullshit stinks the least by far IMO
-0.896 Hell, for all we know Kalameet could just be a dragon in the wrong place at the wrong time, he's only ever been referred to as a "calamitous dragon".
-0.896 Seems like every time a developer of an online game has a ban wave, suddenly no one ever cheated and only legitimate players are being punished blah blah blah
-0.891 DS3 has similar ammount of weapons, probably more moves per each type of weapon, crazy boss weapons and weapon arts.
-0.891 I killed everything else and got up to the max new game plus cycle but I never even wanted to fight something so obnoxious.
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