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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.775 I don't get why people hate jokes like these so much, I absolutely love them and would be down for someone to text me a new joke every day.
0.694 XD My apology; I was rather dense when it came to that one.
0.681 j/k grats and welcome to fatherhood
0.681 Well Scott and Irish probably get a bonus to Con, while Jewish gets what, a Wis bump?
0.649 Haha fair enough.
0.637 The smile definitely reminded me of Molly.
0.637 That was the best one I have ever heard.
0.625 That's great, sometimes doctors just go through the meow-tions.
0.592 This comment will never get the attention it deserves, but I appreciate you!
0.557 You were fantastic, and so was I.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.743 I hate to sound cynical, but.....Proof?
-0.710 Never made me feel bad even though I wasn't that good.
-0.593 Tbh "I'm awfully sorry but I must beard" doesn't sound as fun
-0.572 We need to fight for equation rights if there is no equality there's no solution
-0.557 It was a Shit Shoe?
-0.542 Puns are for punk ass beaches
-0.542 Too bad all his shots are high.
-0.511 That beta joke killed it
-0.511 Don't comma here with your negativity.
-0.455 Its quite a recurring problem
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