/r/cumfetish Analysis

Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.948 Great load, awesome distance, beautiful and sexy target.
0.935 Love love love these close up slow motion videos!!
0.929 Generally it's because they ooze a visceral & raunchy sexuality and seem to actually love a man's cock as much as he loves it himself & loves sex as it's own merits as an activity.
0.925 You also get a great amount of satisfaction in watching this person you adore get their fantasy fulfilled.
0.891 God i love to kiss my wife when she looks like this.
0.880 Truly a beautiful and very wise speech
0.880 There's tons of videos from sexunderwater.com on PornHub so you'll be satisfied for a long while haha. Also, enjoy ;) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1259980934
0.852 Oh my god Id love to lick those clean!
0.840 Would love to share a nice sloppy kiss with her after she sucked me off.
0.836 Love those sexy r/Moles on her back!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.796 I was looking at this and thinking: Does she fuck on camera for money? What an idiot I am!
-0.791 Thats bad ass
-0.743 I guess mad ppl are sad they just beat it to a lil guy.
-0.710 I don't see an Adam's apple, but just the possibility destroys this for me.
-0.707 I have tried this in a pool though, and it sucks and is not even worth the trouble.
-0.681 Holy hell this is hot
-0.677 Is she sucking cock while taking a shit in the laundry room??
-0.670 Suicide grip too.
-0.612 You can easily see thats a fake dick
-0.611 Yep;) OMG that's so wrong
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