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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.878 Well because it's not me on either side o that conversation, IMO that safe mode thing was pretty funny especially with your follow up "omg"
0.836 I love happy endings.
0.823 I tried gently telling him that assuming the personalities of fictional characters is only funny for the first few minutes when you're interested in someone.
0.823 The best kind.
0.818 That attitude is why trump won xD
0.818 Probably to be called beautiful, goddess-like, or to feel positive about her body in general.
0.813 I think it's great you can admit you were like that and you are focusing on bettering yourself.
0.810 I feel like the game [Redshirt] captured this pretty well.
0.796 What he did was a very good way at eliminating his chances with every female this girl is friends with or knows.
0.791 I feel like he was asking for her to help him know how to be liked.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.927 Basically if you are stupid you will not realize how stupid you are because you are too stupid to accurately understand that you are stupid.
-0.910 The cringe is another attention whore hanging her tits out on social media and then taking it to the next level by faking being upset that someone noticed that her tits were hanging out.
-0.910 I too hate dumb bitches who enjoy making unnecessary bitch statements.
-0.859 Poor blind guys must be the laziest people on earth
-0.836 The opposite of hatred is not love. Umm, pretty sure it is though...
-0.827 Hell of a fake pic.
-0.826 I can imagine him weeping in a dark room as he sends the dick pick. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry"
-0.823 Ban le killer guns pls
-0.802 fucking hell second time i've lost this week
-0.795 Do you really have nothing better to do than to post dumb shit like this all day?
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