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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.903 Cause ultimately, i want to enjoy beef, but i think it's important to treat animals with respect.
0.898 There are pretty good streaming sites like primewire and project free TV.
0.886 Even on such a show like this. OT: He has some kind of attitude, he acts like he owns the place, he comes across as pretty confident.
0.875 Well he did invite a random spectator on stage and once it turned out pretty great - [here he is performing detox].
0.870 I love how the interviewer said she personally wasn't bothered by the FFRF or their billboards, then proceeded to be clearly bothered for another 5 minutes.
0.863 the holiday as its celebrated has pretty much zero to do with christianity aside from the name.
0.862 Well i wouldn't kill people so, i wouldn't kill either of them.
0.840 Darude - Sandstorm Jokes aside, it's the [curb your enthusiasm theme]. Great fucking show.
0.836 For sure, but it's better safe than sorry.
0.831 Trumpets are very easy to trigger, they need a safe space with lots of support and chicken tendies.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.935 fuck i'd get this question wrong. who the hell thinks of this crap?
-0.918 Which is true, there isn't proof, but some people get offended by this stuff, and making those ads and shit was fucking retarded.
-0.896 'Just down right ignorance' holy shit what a ignorant lumpy ball of shit
-0.892 I'd call this guy a bad comedian but that would be an insult to bad comedians...
-0.869 "what up my niggER" and then he had no r at all in liar.
-0.868 Everyone pretends this is cringy when it's really just a shitty reality show and the people on it say stupid things to make the final cut.
-0.863 That's why I don't have a religion, nobody knows what they're talking about and people fight over stupid shit.
-0.836 The laws against pedophiles and sex offenders are no joke and his treatment in prison will be even worse.
-0.832 Are you saying that lawyers that defend rapists and nurseries are bad people?
-0.826 Doesn't matter, now he fucks this bitch the whole day instead of streaming.
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