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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.914 I'm a pretty nice, kind, courteous guy.
0.905 PM'd, love to chat in discord, i love this sub XD
0.905 Not to excuse his behaviour at all, but if he's a friend you'd like to keep then you should definitely tell him.
0.888 Wow, what a perfect, healthy relationship they seem to have!
0.886 Also yes he sounds like a super cool guy.
0.876 Thank goodness for online therapists XD
0.870 I've got a ton of good qualities, like: not a psychopath, won't leave insane rambling messages, is not the absolute worst.
0.865 Then started the wonderfully manipulating messages trying to get me to express interest in him despite me saying multiple times I had no interest in anything more than a friendly conversation.
0.863 The whole idea is kind of a trust thing - this sort of thing attracts creepy people alongside perfectly normal and good-hearted people.
0.856 Aside from his gross personality and everything, I hope you and your other friends still play D&D and that this doesn't impact it, because D&D is awesome.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.974 You're cheating on me you stupid cunt whore" WTF is wrong with some people??
-0.900 I am offended that you are offended by my totally fucking offensive shit!
-0.855 And a rape threat!
-0.850 That would have been the first thing I said too! "I suck soooo bad, but beat your ass, so what's that say about you?"
-0.848 They are flinging disgusting bullshit at you, but you tell them to stop and you're being rude.
-0.844 The three breeds - the Common Kentucky Slut, Hi-Fallutin' Tennessee Hussy, and Flat-breasted Alabama Whore - are very similar from afar.
-0.828 I blocked her after my last message because don't have to energy to argue with someone who considers an ex across the country a threat.
-0.807 The little pictures you used to block his pic were killing me.
-0.799 What the actual fuck is wrong with this guy???
-0.796 Wtf dude, if some random person send you a dick pic you dont reply.
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