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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 It's me or the hand is the thing that make it unsettling? Edit: After further analysis, it look like a tiny hand with 2 fingers growing on top.
0.865 Dude doesn't have anything crazy you might notice at first glance, but the way he talked and how he expressed his love for human flesh is just creepy- it makes a much longer lasting impression.
0.857 I am sorry for your buddy, but at least he will not be killed by his own government because of his faith.
0.855 That's amazing, well done friend!
0.852 I loved Peter Boyle in that episode, such a great character!
0.840 Wow, I love this.
0.836 He did an awesome job, so fascinating.
0.836 Happy cake day EDIT: Wait a fucking second, I've never made a cake stealing joke about someones cake day...
0.823 Or she could've brought a friend or two or two dozen to ensure her safety.
0.823 You talk like a person with a strong faith.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.941 Meh, they were going to go kill animals, took a stupid risk, and ended up dead.
-0.913 They literally ask people to go kill pythons and crown winners for the most killed pythons and the longest dead Python.
-0.906 Hey, I'd take a rape any day to avoid being murdered.
-0.887 The people did not care much about one front of the war, they wanted the war to end.
-0.887 The people did not care much about one front of the war, they wanted the war to end.
-0.886 I don't say that is the most fucked up thing ever. But is very fucked up for the standard of my nation.
-0.881 Ugh it's Warner Brother's right they're slamming through stories like a bargain basement Juggernaut, bitch just to catch up to the MCU it's so fail it's not even funny anymore Batman vs.
-0.878 This clown has killed more people than any serial killer could!
-0.870 Soldiers were abandoning their posts, destroying train tracks, and deliberately sabotaging the war effort. TRUE - we will never know for sure if Germany would have lost without the U.S.
-0.869 My thoughts exactly, I was thinking "oh probably just some assault or rape or something..... gruesome murders?!
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