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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.935 Goddammit guys lmao xD Well hope you like it I guess
0.933 I'm not huge into films but I'm getting more interested into cosplay lately but still this one looks pretty amazing.
0.927 There's definite talent there, but given the black background and lighting, it's easy to look at it and just say the way it's shot helps a lot in making it look good.
0.921 The girl is super attractive and the costume's accurate - really nice job :) She really pulled it off.
0.921 I haven't looked into your work but you clearly already have a great fan base.
0.911 "One of the best" doesn't mean OMG IT'S BETTER THAN YOUR FAVORITE.
0.910 Wow, is that Leanna Vamp? <3 <3 <3
0.906 Thank you for calling him out on that and thank you for sharing this lovely image.
0.906 Great cosplay, love the hair :)
0.899 She's super talented and basically makes all of this look so easy.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.921 So fucking annoying that this dull and uninspired shit tier cosplay gets posted so often and now that the actress died people get boners for it even more.
-0.899 Not at the end of the manga or series, but Ohba has said that she committed suicide roughly a year after Light's death.
-0.886 Now I need to watch a few episodes of Kill la Kill to educate myself.
-0.886 those kill la kill cosplayers ROCKED much smaller costumes than mine.
-0.866 https://www.instagram.com/p/BN79Zz0B2k9/?taken-by=xoobruna fake lips, fake ass.
-0.857 I can ignore the fake face and the fake tits, but that booty just looks all kinds of wrong.
-0.856 It's always one or two bad apples that are heavy drunk that bring the bad rep.
-0.848 The suit they use is a bit shitty so several of the pictures in the album are Photoshopped to hell
-0.848 Once out of ear shot, the racist man continued on about how much he hated Italians.
-0.848 Some sad nerds take it too seriously and miss the point, so they'll try and tell you it's about craft or some bullshit.
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