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0.924 These are great, I love how resourceful you were with the accessories, and I have to say that the glove looks amazing!
0.910 That looks really awesome, you did a great job :) how did you do the tattoos?
0.875 Also your videos are great, I hope you keep making them :)
0.862 This is awesome, love seeing cosplays of Ariel and Vanessa together!
0.852 That looks amazing, I love that you brought Sir Reginald too!
0.851 Came here just to comment on the wig. I have several Arda wigs, they really are fantastic! Your entire cosplay looks great btw
0.848 This is like super helpful.
0.823 Amazing, simply amazing.
0.823 Beautiful costume, and the makeup is perfect.
0.802 Like they said they want to promote local talent, which is one of the big reasons to why there are several ComicCon events.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.834 We had a full mage group with red mage and many pics from that but she has made lost of upgrades to the outfit and our red mage friend unfortunately passed from cancer.
-0.710 Hell, occasionally we have constructive criticism that leads to discussion and artistic growth.
-0.670 I'm pretty sure you've already been told this, but you'd pull off a mean Clementine from The Walking Dead, if you haven't done that already!
-0.557 Then the admins realize who he is and ban that account.
-0.556 Also doing this over facebook or any form of social media is very unprofessional.
-0.532 its #DOCTOR DOOM
-0.527 Your hair and beard are wicked.
-0.477 The mord sith were about the only cool thing In probably the shittiest fantasy series ever written.
-0.439 Holy crap not just another body suit with all the stuff painted on!
-0.402 Didn't know that - thanks!
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